As a non-conformist living in the high society of New York, Raquel Nikfarjam's contemporary artwork holds a strong focus on American pop culture. Having graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2011 from Queens College with a BA in Fine Arts, she hopes to pursue her life long dream as an artist.

Captivated by the variety and unconventionality of media used in the modern art world today, Raquel uses this artistic approach of amorphous expression to create her own art. A deluge of surreal designs and bright colors are used through several media to display the intensity of life's defining moments. An alternate perspective to societal trends is communicated in a palpable emotional reality through hidden messages waiting to be deciphered.

Raquel's work serves a didactic and cognizable purpose, rather than solely intended to satisfy. "I enjoy using art to communicate ideas such as issues in the privileged class, and other times to simply re-create aesthetic experiences in my eyes," she says. However, artist Raquel Nikfarjam's ultimate goal as an artist is to trigger a reaction from spectators, as she believes that their interpretations serve as a major contribution to the creative act. With that said, please enjoy!

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